Welcome to m0kds.com

My name is Arved and my ham radio callsigns are M0KDS and N5DMY. If you are interested in ham radio and X-Band satellite reception you have come to right place.

I will be using this website to post about my projects. These could be related to electronics, satellite reception and ham radio. My personal interest lies in building new things, for example my own x-band downconverter about which you can find more details on the X-Band page. 

I also like to operate on the higher HF bands (20m & 17m) as well as the QO-100 geostationary satellite. If you are interested in seeing my station, just click on the ham radio button in the top menu and you will be taken straight to my current QRZ.com page with all the details on it. 

If you have any question for me or some that are related to my projects, please don’t hesitate to contact me at arved(at)m0kds.com. I don’t always have time to reply straight away but I will surely get back to you once I do. You may contact me in English or German, either one is fine for me. Thanks for stopping by and see you on air! 73